Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Beautiful Island and People of Tabiteuea


This is my view of the world morning and evening

Above map from wikipedia

A Final Testimony before Coming Home
June 5, 2016


Sadly this will be my last week here on Tabiteuea. This Thursday I
will fly back to Tarawa and await my flight home. The work on tab was going great. I'm going to miss the people here. They were amazing friends and they care so much for the missionaries. Elder Ellis and i worked really hard these past few weeks and we will have a baptism this week. Tiikoro one of our new investigators has found her testimony and wants to be baptized, so we will do that before we leave.
This past Sunday our branch president shared a great story and I wanted to share it this week in my email. He said that each of us in our life are called to carry crosses on the roads of life. Some people's crosses are shorter then others and some are heavier, but each was made for us. We will all be called to carry it to the end of our lives. At that time we will find that the crosses that weighed us down in this life will become the bridge that we can use to cross the great divide to eternal happiness. If we give up and cut bits of the cross off it won't be long enough to make it across, and if we abandon it for worldly lusts we will one day sadly find that we don't have anyway to heaven and it will be too late to go back and grab it. The part that I liked most was that he said at the times that it feels to heavy and we can't go another step we can give it to He who carried THE cross for all mankind. To Him that carried our sins to his death, and then on the third day gained power over the grave. In our hardest times he will take the weight from us and give us rest.

I don't know it I will send another mass email when I get to Tarawa so if I don't let this be my final testimony. That this is the work of
God and it will not be stopped by any man. I know that this is the
Church of Jesus Christ restored in these latter-days and He lead this
church and will continue to lead this church through Prophets until
he comes himself to this earth. n aran Iesu Kristo, Amen.

-Elder S. Johnson

It doesn't get fresher than this!

May 29, 2016


So this week has gone well. not much to report. We are teaching one girl named Tikoro. She came to church and asked us for lessons. She lives across the street with member and she is going to school at the High school here. She has been praying for the truth and she says she is starting to fell the truth of the lessons. She has agreed to be baptized next week.
That really it from us. Tab is great and I love the members here.
That's it from me. 


-Elder S. Johnson

May 22, 2016
Tab Thug Life


First off don't think I've gone bad because of the title. There's a
story behind it. This week we had service with a member. For service we burned palm frans that where old and starting to brown. We were short on time and we were stopping in for an hour before moving north so we didn't even change to service cloths. We were cutting old palm frans with knifes and I saw some funny picture opportunities. 

Hence the pictures.

We also had the blessing of watching conference this Sunday. It was translated and it was a huge blessing for our investigators to hear the voice of the prophet even if it was short. I've realized over time how important conference is. As a kid I would get board, but now it's like second Christmas! 

Well family and friend I love you all ton and wish the you all the best weeks.

-Elder S. Johnson

May 15, 2016

This has been kind of a crazy week. Ellis and I are working in
overdrive to do all we can before the end of this month. This Sunday we started church in a new village, Buota, and also went to 3 other villages for church. One of the happy moments this week was starting lessons with Temoaniti. She is the daughter of Abera and Atinta. She is the only one in her family to have not joined the church. Back almost 2 years ago I started teaching that family in Aranuka and one by one they have all joined in my time. It was only their daughter Tekenna. Now they and 6 of there 7 children have joined. Temoaniti is the last. She's a little shy about lessons, because she is "boarding" and there is most likely a lot of people making fun of her for taking lessons and I think it's getting to her. I've been praying a lot for her, but we will have to see what happens. 
Hope you have great weeks.
Thank you for all the prayers and support that comes from from home.
That's all this week. 
-Elder S Johnson

May 1, 2016

Elder Johnson sent pictures!

Elder Ellis and I and a family in Tab North

More Beach Worms

April 17, 2016

Everything is going well here in the north. It is a very big island.
Lots of biking, but soon I will have calves of steel. A lot of our
work is here in Utiroa. We have 4 people very close to baptism. They just need to come to church. Two of them will be ready by next week. 

One is a little girl named Karibwaiti, the other is a young lady named Terabo. They both haven't missed a Sunday sense we have been here. The work here is great. Because the area is so big there is a lot of things to see on bike rides. This week has been crazy though because of the rain. We have had crazy down pores. It has rain every day this past week making the week hard to get out to people. But still with all the rain we taught 30 lesson. 

Well that is it from me.

Have a great weeks everyone.

-Elder Johnson

April 3, 2016 
Happy Easter...

First of the title has nothing to do with this email. We didn't do
much for Easter. This week has been great. We are finding a lot of
elder old (past) investigators and are teaching them. There are a lot of great investigators here. One is named Terabo. She is 18 and got through all of 1st Nephi in 2 days. She says she feels that it is true. She has been to church every week and she came to rescue to help the branch with reactivation.

This past 2 weeks we have had 4 baptisms they where all people who had the lessons done in the past and where just waiting for us. This is a great area. It's huge and takes a ton of biking but it's awesome! 

Well love you all.

-Elder S. Johnson

This house is where we stayed in Tab South

The people in our unit in Tabiteuea South

March 20, 2016

Mauri au utu,

So I am in Tabiteuea now! I flew in on Saturday with my new companion Elder Ellis. We hired a Charter plane and flew to "Tab" South then Tab North. There was a party for the Relief Society so we followed and got to know the Branch. 

The work is great we have 3 people that are ready for baptism here and they are really great people. I'm so happy to be here! 

I love you all and with you a great week.
-Elder Johnson

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A New Year and Saying Goodbye To Christmas

February 28, 2016


So the plan was that I fly today to Tabiteuea but that got changed and it know looks like I will go on Friday. I'm not to sure of what the Lord wants me to do here, but I hope to find out soon. Mostly this week I showed the new missionaries to the area around. I've really come to love Bikenibeu 2nd. Sorry another week with not much to write about. Just know I'm loving the work out here. 

Love you all.

-Elder S. Johnson

February 21, 2016 


This weeks been all over the place. We have gone to a lot of fairwell parties with my comp, because he is finishing his time in 4 days. The highlight of my week was going to the broadcasting of the Fiji Suva Temple dedication. We watched the broadcast at Moroni High School, a place that is noisy 24/7. As we walked through the gate though there was something different; it felt as though the school itself became Temple grounds. There was a great peace there and all were reverent and quiet. Presiding in the session was President Eyring. He gave a wonderful talk with many others. one thing that i realized was that I had not been to the temple in over a year. It has been something that I wanted to do for a long time, but then a second thought came, a reminder from the spirit. "When you get home, you can go any time. They may only have one chance in there lives." I then realized how blessed I was. The church pays the first time to the temple, but that's it. For some that may be the only time in their life that they can go to the House of the Lord. For all those back home that are having trouble finding time to get to the Temple just remember that there is a missionary and many others on the islands of the sea that would give anything to have multiple temples in driving distance from their houses. I love you all and wish you a great week. The 29th I should
get out to my area so pray hard. 

Love you all.

-Elder S. Johnson

February 7, 2016

Mauri Friends and Family,
No I am not yet on Tabiteuea. The next fight that we can get is on the 29th of this month. So keep me in your prays that the Lord will
provide a way to get me out there. In the meantime I've been working with Zone leaders. Let's just say Zone Leader position is crazy! ...driving everywhere all the time getting needs, helping missionaries, talking to outies, going to district meeting, and if we are lucky teaching lessons.

One of the Greatest and saddest moments of this week (and probably my mission) was meeting with Abara and Atinta. I don't know if anyone remembers me writing about them, but they where are investigators in Aranuka, my first area. Abara was paralyzed and couldn't move his legs and arms. He knew the Church was true but because he couldn't walk he was scared to be baptized. When I was at the hospital I got word that Abara and Atinta where in a ward there at the hospital. I was overjoyed to see them again!
My companion and I went that way to see them. When we got to the room 4 missionaries and 2 nurses stood outside the room. He had passed away 20 minutes previous to my arrival. Atinta was calling the island council asking them to let their kids know. When she got of the phone I talked to her for a bit. Even though her husband had just passed she was happy to see me. What she said to me I will never forget. "At least he was Baptized. I know where he is and that he is all right." Abara and Atinta were baptized 2 months from that day, almost a year after they started taking lessons. I'm so glad to see her faith that she knows the truth and she knows that she knows it. 

I love this church and the gift it give to others to know the plan of happiness and to know that families are together forever. 

I hope you all have a great week in your many corners of the world. Love you all.

-Elder S. Johnson

January 24, 2016

Just had time to send a couple of pictures. 

Me doing some service

Damage after a big wind storm

January 17, 2016 

Sorry for not writing last week, I blanked on that. For those who
are wondering, no I have not yet left for Tabiteuea, but I will leave
this Wednesday. I'm Emailing late this week because we went fishing with our Mission President. 

I caught 2 large sweet lips and a huge Parrot Fish.  I'm glad that I got some good fishing in my last week before I leave.
I have been on Christmas now 7 months making this my longest served area. I have really come to love London and the branch here. This last weeks we have been blessed like crazy. We have 6 baptisms in 3 weeks (2 of which we started lessons with only 2 weeks ago). We had 6 new investigators, and had many other blessings come. 

One of our new investigators is named Teriberoo. she is the younger sister on Kabwebwea. She did not want lessons so to tease her. I would ask, "When are you going to get baptised?" Just so I could she her give her an angry look. Last Sunday out of nowhere, as we were sitting waiting for Kabwebwea, she walks in and announces, "I want lessons." After her lesson we asked her to pray. She gave one of the most amazing prays I have heard. She pleaded that her mother's heart would be changed and that she would give her permission to be baptized. She has had lessons all this week and is now sharing her testimony along with ours at the end of each lesson. 

I am definitely going to miss all the members and converts here on Christmas, but I now look forward to the time that I have to go work in Tabiteuea. I know the Lord has a work for me to do in Tabiteuea and I will put my all into it. 

I love you all and wish the best to you.

-Elder Johnson

January 3, 2016 

First off this week was great! London is doing great and I'm loving it here. Transfers came up and I'm going to an outer island named

I'm Excited to go but I'm sad to leave also. Baptized Nei
Tireta this week she was so happy. Her mom and dad didn't come but a large group from the branch including her sister came to support her. This week we will have 1-2 more baptisms. Those being Kabwebwea and Tawita. and the week after we will have 3 more. London's the Bomb! 

Christmas Island Branch

So on the 31st we went to district meeting. When we came home we found the door wide open and the lock broken. Out of all of my valuables my Speaker was stolen and my 32GB flash drive that had all my pictures from my whole mission. Needless to say I was angry the flash drive was stolen but I gave a prayer of thanks that my camera that was sitting out in the open wasn't stolen. I said a prayer of thanks that my camera wasn't stolen and prayed that I might (by the very unlikely chance) get my Flash drive back.
Afterwards my companion and I went to the store next door and asked them if they saw anything. They gave the name of someone they saw go behind our house and come out of our house. We then when and reported the police and the District leader. When the door was fixed by the landlord, we went out and worked. Little did we know that the store next door sent the word around to keep an eye out for this kid they saw go in our house the day my things were stolen. The kid then heard that the police were looking for him and he ditched the Flash near a member's house where it was found and returned back to me on the same day it was stolen. I thanked God so much for the return of my Flash Drive. The thief was then caught the next day. I was so glad that I got that Flash Drive back I was also glad to have a chance to be tried. It was a little more of a trial than I wanted, but it was God's choice and I was glad for the Blessing he gave me afterward. 
Well that's all for now. 
Love you all and wish you a great week.

-Elder S. Johnson

Christmas Everyday

December 20, 2015

Mauri Christmas family and friend,
Christmas season is going well. The work in London has really picked up. We have 3 baptisms on the 2 of January. All three are fairly new but are ready to be baptized. Kabwebwea told us that she had trouble believing that there was a prophet alive today. We asked her to pray about it and she said she got her answer and wanted to be baptized.

We also had a Christmas Party on the 18th. I decided to that I wanted to sing with our branch so I pulled out an outfit from my Aranuka days and sang with the branch. All in all the preparations for Christmas are great. Even though there is no snow or even the slightest change in weather I feel the Christmas spirit around us. I really do love it out here and can't wait for Christmas day.
-Elder S. Johnson

December 13, 2015 

Mauri family and friend,
This week has been great. I'm having a great week here in Christmas and I'm loving the district. We have done service and P-days this week together and it's been tons of fun. Also my companion and I are getting ready for Christmas (the Holiday) by buying some decorations. 

All and all London is doing great. We have some awesome investigators. We think that three will be baptized the 1st week of January. One girl is named Kabwebwea and she has gained a testimony and wants to be baptized. She has come to church and is very excited, but not her family. She is 19 though and she has chosen for herself. She is getting baptized the day after Christmas.

The Big event of the week is that there was a burial on Sunday. An old man in our branch passed away. He had diabetes and they did an amputation. Sadly he never recovered and passed away that night. We found out that he was a pioneer here in Kiribati. 

He joined the church in the late 60's when the church first came, and then his family joined. After that he worked in the translating of the first hymn book. Sadly he fell into drinking and fell away from the church. Even though he died away from the church the influence that he had was great and many members came to mourn his passing. Everything he had done has been felt here for the past 50 years and many were grateful for what he did for the growth of the gospel in Kiribati.

Well that's all for know love you all and have a great week.

-Elder S. Johnson

November 29, 2015

Well it's been a pretty awesome week. Tuesday we had a huge rain storm roll in. I haven't seen so much rain in one day as I did that day. Many roads in London where flooded and we had to take a lot of back roads. 

Also this week one of the richest members ordered a turkey from Hawaii for Thanksgiving, so we had a turkey dinner and a lot of other good food. 
It was a good time to reflect on things that I am grateful for. I'm grateful for family and friends supporting me back home. Also, for my calling. I love this island nation so much I can see myself nowhere else for two year, and even two years doesn't feel long enough to be among such great people.
We also had a fun service cleaning some of the jungle out of a member's property so he could build a hotel. 
It was a tough week for lessons but we have a great investigator named Kabwebwea. She has a great friend that helps her. She doesn't have a testimony yet but her friend answers all her questions and helps her read. It's really shown me the importance of member presence; because of that member I feel like we have a great chance to have an investigator with a testimony.

That's it for know. Love you all and hope that you are blessed in your various parts of the world.
-Elder S. Johnson

November 22, 2015

This week has been full of adventures. I've been working in Banana and Tabwakea. We have been using the car because the Senior couple has been sent home due to illness which makes me District Leader and the Senior Couples (or in other words ALL POWERFUL!). It's been a really busy but very a rewarding week. We have been helping out all over the island and teaching all over too. The greatest lesson I had this week was with a Catholic girl about 15, named Nei Tooka who lives in Banana. She was really scared to pray without reciting a prayer. I explained to her that we pray with our heart so that God can hear what we feel. she then agreed to pray. After her pray I asked her how she felt and she said she wanted to cry. I asked her why and she said it was because she felt so happy. I explained that that was the Holy Ghost. Since then she hasn't been scared to pray in lessons. The Holy Ghost truly is the comforter. It will comfort us and teach us in the kindest way so that there will be no fear in the learning interment. I can see that girl getting baptized soon. 
Well that's all from me for this week. 
Love you all and wish you the best.
-Elder S. Johnson

November 15, 2015


Everything is going well here in Christmas. We had a sudden change in areas after we found out that Elders where going to Fanning. The Mission President asked me to stay and be District leader for the week and a half that Elders would be gone. So for the time being I will be working in Tabwakeia 1st branch and the Banana Branch, as well as fulfilling Senior couple responsibility because the senior couple is in Hawaii due to illness. So looks like I'm one busy bee.
We had a great lesson in Banana this week. The name of the person we're teaching is Itimaera (Ishmael). He read and prayed everyday after we first taught him. On the day he was getting baptized I asked him if he felt like he had a testimony. He said he wasn't sure. He knew the Book of Mormon was true and he knew Christ was his Savior, but he said he wanted to believe the church was true. I asked him if we could all kneel in prayer and he said yes. We knelt and I asked him to pray to know if the church was true and then to wait for an answer. As he prayed a powerful spirit filled the room. After the pray he said, "I don't know if it's true but I feel very strongly that I need to be baptized." I felt the Spirit tell me he needed to be baptized. After his baptism he bore a powerful testimony of his feeling after coming out of the water, and how his testimony was given after he came out of the water. I think sometimes God tests us to the very edge of our faith and after we make a huge leap it is then that he will give us the rest. I love the chance that I have to meet so many great missionaries, members, and investigators. I love this church and the
time I can give it my all. 
Love you all and wish you the best week.
-Elder S. Johnson

November 1, 2015

Kam na mauri,
This week has been crazy as well. With the flu spreading, finals and investigators working on the boats, we have had our hands full. We try our hardest to find people but they're never home. Some other great things have happened. Two Sisters in our Branch who were waiting for their Mission calls just got their calls. Both are going to the Philippians; different missions but we're all happy for them. Also my back up trainer from Aranuka came to work on
Christmas. I was really happy to see him. All and all Christmas is
going good. In a week or two we should have some baptisms. I'm loving Christmas and everything is going well for me. 

Love you all and wish you a good week.

-Elder Scott Johnson

October 25, 2015 

Mauri everyone,
This has been just one crazy week. the Senior couple got sick and the District leader left for transfers so it's left me here to try and do the best I can without taking over as district leader. With missionaries finishing their time and no one to release them and also working our area and living in a different village, it has made things rather interesting. Even with all that we still managed to get a good amount of lessons and help a lot of people. I love London and I am loving the work out here. I'm grateful for this time that I have had to serve here on Christmas. 

Love you all.

-Elder Scott Johnson

October 18, 2015

Sorry everyone but I don't have much to write this week. I am very
tired. I've woken up at 5am every morning so that I could see General Conference. It was very uplifting and I felt it was something that was very much worth the time. In case any of you were wondering, yes the Christmas Island Elder Anderson mentions in Priesthood is my current area and yes I know Elder Openshaw. He is a great missionary and the most emotionally strong person I have ever meet in my life. He preaches the gospel with a smile and a love for the people. 
Well I love all of you around the world and hope you have great weeks.

-Elder Johnson

September 27, 2015

Kam na mauri,
This has been a great week. Elder Darm is doing great in the language and lots of people here are coming to love him quickly. This week two investigators were baptized. Sutanga and Roreti.
Roreti was a gold. He had no problems. Sutanga was a whole other
animal. I've never meet someone who had problems with literally every commandment, but I've also never had an investigator that stopped cold turkey the first time we asked. I saw such a huge change in him that I feel that he is one of my greatest investigators. When talking with Sutanga I asked him when did he first feel a desire to change? He said this: "When I realize the first time I had felt truly happy was when we opened in pray that first day." There's a reason we have commandments. It is the only way we can ever find true happiness. This week really confirmed that to me. 

Well I love you all and hope that you have great weeks
wherever you are.

-Elder Johnson

Awesome sunset

The is the government building on Christmas

This is a Mwaniebe. It's a kiribati meeting house, and yes, this one

is run down

This is Roreto and Sutanga our now recent coverts.

September 20, 2015

This week was good. This email will be a quick one but I want to talk about Taring. I'm not sure if any of you remember Taring but he was a gold investigator. He was speeding to baptism and almost there. Then his Uncle came into the picture and forbid him from baptism or coming to church. Taring (because of the culture) followed his Uncle's request. Taring may not be coming to church but he searches the gospel with real intent.
District conference started on Saturday. I felt prompted to tell him
that if he came, families (his favorite topic) would be mentioned. He agreed to come. The night of the conference, every speaker spoke on families and church. Three of the speakers came up to Taring after the conference and said, "I don't know why, but I felt that the things I said where for you." Elder Seamons (a senior missionary) said that someday he could see Taring being a Bishop. After that Taring felt that he would try to talk to his Uncle. I hope all ends for the best. All and all work is great here in London. Elder Darm is a Quick learner. He's getting the language fast. Well that's all for here. Please keep Taring in your prayers. 
I love you all and wish you great weeks in your parts of the world.

Your island castaway friend,

Elder Johnson


This is Kabwebwenangs baptism.

The mangroves of Christmas

more Branch members

The First three are of us going deep sea fishing with President Weir. 

I caught 2 yellow finned tuna.

The last of was our Branch at church last week.
Love you all. Stories will be coming soon.

-Elder Johnson

September 6, 2015

This has been a crazy week. My companion went with an Elder from Banana to an outer island named Fanning. In the time that we wait for them to come home I am working Banana and London with Elder Whitehead. All the biking has been really exhausting. The cool part is that I'm meeting a lot of really amazing people that I wouldn't have met working just in London. Every night I want to crash but it's definitely worth it. Some exciting news I've gotten  is that on the 16th of this month I will be training! I'm looking forward to working with Elder Darm.

Love all of you in your corners of the earth that you are living.

-Elder Johnson

August 30, 2015 

So I don't have a lot to write about but I have one cool experience. I
meet a kid named Master. He came in from an outer island and is
staying in the hospital. By a miracle we found out he wanted lessons. So in hospital room number 5 we taught 12 year old Master. He had a bad infection and was going to America to get his foot cut off. He knew this and was still really brave. There was a special spirit when we gave him a Book of Mormon and asking to always keep it. I will probably never see that kid again but I will never forget the Spirit that was in that room. Well that it. Sorry for the short message this week but I love you all.

-Elder Johnson

August 16, 2015

Everything is going great here in Christmas. Our investigator are doing well. We had an investigator that was new as of Tuesday. Her name is Kabwebwenang. She had lessons with Elders and Sisters before, but did not get a testimony at that time. We started teaching her and asked her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She read it so fast. She got to 1 Nephi 16 in one day. This Sunday (after her 2nd week at church), she told us in her lesson that earlier this week she went to a quiet place on the beach and prayed. She then heard a voice; whether in her head or for real I don't know. The voice told her, "You need to be baptized." She will be interviewed next week and baptized the week after.
I'm loving the work out here. There are some great people ready to hear the Gospel. I love the church and love the work of the Lord. Have good weeks in your parts of the world.

-Elder Johnson

August 9, 2015 

The title of this email is the only way that I can think to explain
this week... This week we had The good, The weird and The ugly.

First, The Good:
We had dinner with Taring and his family. We presented a  Family Home Evening lesson and the spirit was really strong. It was the first time I had ever heard a Kiribati man compliment his wife. Also we have two amazing new investigators, Tutanga is one asked us for lessons when he showed up to church. Later in the week someone in his house was smoking and he literally ran away because he didn't want the temptation. The other investigator, Tiorti, asked us for lessons on the road, then came to church yesterday.

The Bad:
Taring's family giving him a hard time for taking lessons and our YSA splits ditched us after church.

The Ugly:
The meet up with missionaries from the 7th day adventists and the
Baahi. We were prepared and ready to use scriptural of verses to defend ourself, but we felt it better not fight but bear our testimonies. They were a little sad. I think that they wanted a fight but we felt good with the choice we made. 

Have great weeks in the corners of the world that are
you are at. Keep up the work at home and abroad.

-Elder Scott Johnson

August 2, 2015

So this week I will start by talking about the baptism. We were a
little frusterated at first because no one (not even our 3 people
getting baptized) showed up until almost an hour later then the time
set. One of the first to show up was Beeta. She was the youngest of
the group. Eventually all 3 showed up. Beeta wasn't looking so good and half way through the pre-baptism program she calmly walked out and throw up. She then came back in sat down. We baptized her and afterwards she bore her testimony. The thing that impressed me most is that most people won't come to church if they had a headache or if it's raining, but Beeta came when she was super sick. She was a trooper.
Taring is doing good too. He has told us that he has a testimony. He
is just trying to find the courage to tell his uncle that he is planning
to join the LDS church. Taring is a great guy. We gave him a family pamphlet and right after he changed his home so that the way it was run would fit the standards of the church.
All-in-all I'm loving christmas. There are some great people and this week three of the YSA should get mission calls. 

I hope all is well in your parts of the world and that God blesses all of you.

-Elder Johnson

July 26, 2015

Mauri All.

1. the pioneer walk (christmas is the biggest of the islands in kiribati)

2. This is the spotted grouper that I caught.

3. Rodney (the member that showed us around) owns an FDA approved lobster export. So yes this what our dinner.

4. This was the opening march for the Independence.

Love you all tons,
Elder Johnson

July 20, 2015

Mauri one and all,
First off its crazy to think that on the 16th of this month, I hit my
one year mark. It feels like only yesterday I was packing up and still singing "I Hope they call me on a mission."  It's crazy to look back and see all I've done in a year and look forward and think about all the things that could happen.
This week was also the hardest week of work mission wide. It was the Kiribati 36th Independence. Unlike the US there Independence Day, Kiribati Independence goes for a full week. A lot of investigates where lost (literally, no one had any clue where they went), and others where participating in the Independence games. It was fun thought to see a kiribati game called Oreano. They get a big ball filled with rocks and they throw it as hard as they can at the other team. If it is dropped or not caught the team throwing gets a point. 
Even when we were losing investigators a named Taring continued to take lessons. He is the manager of a government vehicle company here. He is looking into as many churches as he can trying to find truth. We started teaching him and he saw it more like a good message. Then as he has read the Book of Mormon he felt the light of Christ within him. He has felt peace in his life and he is praying hard to feel the spirit of the Holy Ghost.
This P-day was pretty fun. We went to the best fishing spot on the
island I brought in 3 good sized fish. and my companion caught a
shark. We brought a Kiribati local named Rodney with us who showed us some cool locations like the mangroves and the old british army base site. He also told lots of good stories about shipwrecks and ghost cars. All and all kiritimati is turning out to be a great place.
Well hope you all have great weeks keep up the work and stay strong.
-Elder Scott Johnson

July 12, 2015

Time to answer some questions about Christmas...
Internet is good here, but none this week because it's independence and they closed the government cafes. (I'm emailing from a member's laptop). 
1. Food is all shipped in from Hawaii so a lot of Costco bulk to buy. We also get a lot of fish and crab.
2. The weather is the same as Tarawa sometimes it rains and sometimes not.
3. My companion is Elder Buhler. He is from Springville. He is really funny and has a great knowledge on scriptures. The people here love him.
4. The Branch is great. We have a lot of long time members leading the branch and about half the YSA (Young Single Adults) are waiting for mission calls.
5.We have about 18 progressing investigators I love all of them. They come from different backgrounds. Some are amazing and are trying to find the truth in all kinds of churches. Others hardly remember our lessons but love the church and the feelings they get in Sacrament Meeting.
6. P-day (Preparation Day) we do a lot of fishing. Kiritimati is famous for its great fishing here. I did buy a deep sea fishing pole. It was on an Independence day sale. So I got it for $70. This week is Kiribati Independence. Celebration goes for a week so
this P-day we are watching the celebrations.
7. History of Christmas? Well they have stories that before radar a lot of ships headed to Australia  got shipwrecked because Christmas is right on a major trade line.
8. I'm so happy to have some AMERICAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!
9. We have a nice home it's right in the middle of London and it has two major stores next to it.
10. I've only caught puffer fish so far (they're the devil. You can't eat them and they always steal your bait as you reel it in.

Well I think that's about it. Life is going good here. We have a feeling with the independence celebrations a lot of people will disappear but we are praying for them. 

That's all for now. 

Elder Johnson

July 5, 2015

Photo of London on Christmas Island, Kiribati


Hello everyone. Transfers just went down and I found out I would be working in London. So I hopped on a plan to Fiji and spent a day there. I then caught another plane. When I got off the plane we drove through Tennessee then stopped in London. I had a chance to to also visit Paris and Poland! This sound less impressive when you find out that all of those places are the names of villages on Christmas Island (but Fiji was the real place). Christmas is amazing! The cargo comes from America and Christmas is world famous for fishing. The work is awesome! It has 4 Branches and all are very strong. Elder Buhler and I are one of 4 companionships on the island. We work London and Tennessee.
Because kiribati is an Australian territory the greatest holiday (the
4th of July) is not celebrated. but Sunday night (the 4th of July in America) all of the elders met up and ate a gallon of ice cream and sang songs of our home land. Hope fireworks were amazing back in the States. 
I love you all and hope you have great weeks.
With love,

Elder Johnson